Tiny Lions Roar

Our little family moved to New Orleans in 2009 to start a new life after living in Atlanta and enduring the market crash. Its been a few years since then, and we are in love with this city and its culture! We get great inspiration from the streets and people around us. New Orleans is full of life, music and art. Our hope is to capture a little bit of NOLA in all we do. You can't drive one block in New Orleans without seeing an amazingly colorful house and that is what drives the inspiration for our line of colorful record cabinets and tables.

We are a tiny 3 person operation with Jeremy doing the building, my son Caleb taking the bulk of responsibility for packaging, and little ole me lovingly applying finish and staying on top of the business end. We don't want to be big...we just want to offer a one of a kind experience.

Our record cabinets and coffee tables grew out of our idea for a practical furnishing that didn't take up the entire living room. We live in a shotgun styled home that is very long and narrow. (They call it a Shotgun House because you can fire a shotgun through the front door right out the back door).

Most coffee tables that are available were either too big or just not our style. We are a huge fan of vintage, but not a big fan of the quality that is available for mid century modern in our area. We wanted something new, yet old in style. So I bought some wood and some legs, mixed up some paint and said to my loving husband "will you make this for me?" Well, he did and the rest is history!

Back when we started out Jeremy was working at a local carpenter shop here in New Orleans and made his cuts for tables after hours at work and brought them home in his ancient Volvo station wagon to assemble. He had one of those art market style tents set up in the backyard where he built our first orders. Our kitchen and dining room became the finishing rooms. We had the most basic of tools and business sense, but people were drawn to the color that we put into our pieces.

I worked in the French Quarter as the Maitre D', server, and bartender at Irene's Cuisine on St. Philip when we got started back in 2014. I was adamant about homeschooling our two children Caleb and Elli. I tried everything I could to stay home with the kids and finally the orders started to come in for our simple coffee table in chocolate and teal. I am an artist to the core with a mother's heart. Despite working until 2 and 3 in the morning I would stain and ship tables until I had to go back to work again.

We have grown exponentially since then and we draw some of our greatest inspiration from the requests of our wonderful customers. I am under the impression that Jeremy can build anything you dream. He hasn't let me down yet! We are happy to work with you to match any wood, color or style. So bring us your ideas, your wants, desires, and needs for home decor and furnishings. If you can dream it, we can build it!

For more information on who we are and what we do check our blog Tiny Lions Roar